pic: Drawer #3

Sockets & Wrenches

They’re like works of art on display…It’s a beauful thing!
How could you even think of using them scratching them? :yikes:

I wonder how long the tools will take not to be put back in the right spot or get “lost”. Or will this just be a show piece? :stuck_out_tongue:


we definatlly need pictures during and after the build season… :smiley:

One of the members of the pit crew will be responsible for maintaining the boxes. The sockets are each identified by color code to a color coded chest and the white cards are laminated under each socket to show where each belongs and which, if any, are missing. I truely believe that having them organized this way will allow the team to keep things in place and rapidly inventory any missing tools at the end of the day. Plus since we got them all at Sears, we can replace any individual component in the box to bring it back to perfect. Having built with 3 teams out of 1 tool box for the last few years it was truely a challange. This year will be much better.