pic: Drawer #4

Every Screwdriver you could ever need!

Was there a reason that the screwdrivers were put in such a deep drawer besides the fact that you had nothing large to put in the bottom?

The real question is… How long did it take for you to rip out the foam and throw all the screwdrivers in a smaller drawer?

Yeah… that drawer… would only look like that on the day we opened the toolbox. After that, it would be a junk drawer.

Actually we used this drawer with the screwdrivers to provide a place that we can put the laptops in and lock them if the team is leaving for the night or for lunch. We could have also put the T-Handles down there since they lay flat also. The chests are really pretty nice with a built in power strip in the right hand side and full ball bearings.

And while I can’t say 100% that the tools will stay clean and in their place all the time, I can say that we will have one of the students in the pit crew responsible for the tool chest and its contents. It took a great amount of time to get everything out for the sales, buy all the tools and cut all of the foam for 3 identical chests. So I EXPECT that my students will show some respect for the time and efforts that went into getting them hooked up with these tools. I have a feeling it should be a non issue at least for this year.

Can we got some info on those boxes? IE, store? price? anything?

Since the chests and at least most of the tools (if not all) are craftsmen, tehy were purchased at Sears or online.

Here is alist of everything (I think) that we bought. A majority of it was paid for by selling the legacy control systems, victor 883’s and extra spikes. FYI typical prices on EBay are $350 for a control system, $15 for a spike, and $90-$100 for each Victor 883.


that file doesnt want to open

can you make sure its working??

This should work, for some reason Excel files are not

First Tools.doc (50 KB)

First Tools.doc (50 KB)