pic: Dream Alliance

At Cerner’s Development Conference Team Driven 1730 made an appearance and met up with Ironman and War Machine

That’s a slick looking robot.

I like the matching LED ring/arc reactors. :smiley:

Wow great pic :slight_smile:
I’m glad we had the privilege to Play with yoru team at Queen City :slight_smile: Even better that we got the highest score together during Qualifications :smiley:

This is definitely a team to look out for during the next few years…

Suddenly, I feel although our Cowtown Championship is in jeopardy…time to go practice a heck of a lot more…

I would die happy if I got to say, “We’d like to request the assistance of Iron Man to come join our alliance”

He wouldn’t have seeded first??? :smiley:

Most likely couldn’t play due to weight restrictions. That said, Who is going to tell Tony that his Iron Man isn’t allowed to play?

Would we have to swiss cheese the Iron Man suit??? :confused: I doubt Tony would be very happy with that…

Just weigh him with the thrusters on. Problem solved. But then we run into loads of bumper zone issues…

Bumpers make them slightly more legal!

Image link: http://flic.kr/p/c8CRwo

Remember: White font or outline!

You are also allowed to temporarily leave the bumper zone if I remember correctly (ie. wheelie bar usage)

Make sure that the bumpers never leave between 5 and 10 inches off the ground, unless you are on a bridge. Those thrusters might be an issue in that instance.

I think that Jarvis could do pretty well with the camera tracking… Tony! release your code please!

also make sure that the russian dude doesn’t cause any coms issues with war machine…

Does standing up and flying count as a wheelie?

Start a rookie team call them Ironman. Team #### Ironman.

On behalf of Ironman we graciously accept.

I think weight and the use of acceptable motors are bigger issues anyway.

Again, we COULD Swiss-Cheese the suit. I think it would be fun to drill through (almost) impenetrable armor.

If those arms are too heavy for FRC, we could loan him one of these: