pic: Dream

A dream becoming a reality.

fin, an explanation would be greatly appreciated

You didn’t use Inventor for Architecture did you? Nice job, however, I would of used Autodesk Revit, but that looks pretty darn cool.

haha… The only two software that were available were autocad and inventor. I am not that good with autocad and wasn’t able to make the floor-plan look nice enough. Then I decided to draw up the Museum Model using inventor. It was pretty interesting too.

… the picture… its a model of the Museum and in this picture, you can see the actual floorplan for Mayhem @ the Museum. This offseason in Ft. Lauderdale has been my dream and its becoming a reality. This will be the first EVER offseason competition in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Just thought of sharing this with the community.

Looks like its gonna be awesome. Wish we had the time to make it down there, but we don’t operate a whole lot during the off season, but for us its only May-August. Hopefully if you are doing this next year we can make plans to attend. Good luck with the competition.

awesome fin… but… the field is wrong =P

I didnt draw up the whole field. It was something that shows that its a FIRST field. In the drawing what matters is the size of the square which is 27’ by 54’. Hairy, you are smart!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks purity interesting there Arefin Bari

Arefin You didn’t draw me or my speakers in!! garr… i’m glad that you guys were able to fit it under the roof now and not in the street heh :slight_smile: doing a great job bud

Hey Arefin, would there be any chance of pushing the regional back a week so we can see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the IMAX Theatre next door? No? Oh well, it was worth a try…

I am sorry Adam, at this point it won’t be possible to even approach to the museum about moving it back. But do keep in mind that you get free IMAX movie tickets for both days for whichever movie. Can’t wait to see 1341 in action. :slight_smile:

pretty cool fin. :smiley:

-pshh- u should make it pink with rhinestones! lol jk

i’ve seen this from the start from a single sheet of paper to this…well arefin my dear it keeps looking better and better…great job!! it’s your dream and well it’s coming true…and as always i’m always here for ya, supporting you…

Great job again… :hugs: i’m soo proud of you… and i know you want my opinion of course…looks pretty darn good better than i can do…

keep on dreaming…eventually all your dreams will come true…so many of our dreams deal with FIRST but that’s okay…being in FIRST is already a dream come true…

Arefin/anyone else, I’ve got a few questions about the location:

Are wireless (802.11b/g) networks permitted in the museum?

If so, do you know the maximum distance from the farthest pit to the farthest corner of the field?

I dont see why they wouldn not be, so yes.

120 feet