pic: Drew The Man W/ The Tetras

This is Drew going into the double stack or as we call it in Team 1251
Double Quater Pounder With Cheese

Go TechTigers



There goes Drew the man who helped his team earn it’s way to where they are now… 2nd year team… finalist for both regionals that they attended.

Thanks both Tytus and Arefin for the wonderful comments :smiley: U guys are awesome. good luck to 108 and 179 at nats. 1251 loves u guys. gl to everyone. And yes that move is patened and we cap both at the same time very easily. :smiley:

I was under the impression, as verified that by the picture, that we were allowed to bring one tetra or more at a time to load on the robot. However when I was watching the regional on nasa tv this weekend, one robot that looked like waldo had the capacity to hold 4-5 tetras at a time, however when they went to the human loading station, they would load one, back out, come back in, load one more, all the way up till 4. This seemed to waste a lot of time. So i was wondering which way was following the rules. The way in the picture with more than one at a time, or the way that the waldo robot did it, one at a time. Thanks.

Oh yeah, nice job Drew! :slight_smile:

DREW! Mah maaaan! <333 Excellent job there dude, your team did wonderfully! Congratulations, 1251, you’ve come a long way in just two years.

Actually, I had the honor of being allied with Waldo (1641) in the very last qualifying match at Vegas. They were actually very efficient with the human loader, generally they could get a couple of sets of 4-5 tetras in a match, or less if they needed. When used correctly, such strategies can really work.

Now on topic, is he loading two tetras at once? If so, is that legal? I can’t remember from the rules.

yep thats drew, i had the honor of driving in half of our matches. and by the way you can only do one at a time with the human loader. (we already had one on and we just inserted the other one underneath) more than one at a time is illegal. hope to see all my hommies at nats, and gl to all teams. thank you :cool:

Just one at a time is legal. It was cool the way Drew could push the next one up inside!

Our loader, Paul, sometimes had to use a tetra to manipulate the already-loaded tetras to get things in the right place.

And we could do up to 7 at a time, but that was the optimal number (in terms of time taken to load versus time on the field)