pic: Drill surgery.

This is old-school FIRST riggin’. Brings back memories … :slight_smile:

Good ol’ DeWalts :smiley:

Remembers a time back from Breakaway…the memory goes something like this: Our team made it to Atlanta, and before a match we take our DeWalt gearbox (With approved FisherPrice motor inside of course) to check how it’s doing, and our lead build member who’s checking on it DROPS it. Hits the ground and it explodes into a million pieces…we’re all in shock and we just scoop up all the pieces and IMMEDIATELY rush over to find the DeWalt team. They send over a mentor who managed to put the entire drill gearbox back together in under a minute. Our lead build member swears he fell in love on sight… ah, good memories :slight_smile:

Its actually a random drill gearbox. Our mentor has a cabinet full of old drills and you know the rest. Its some off brand or something. Works great though. Now to make some spares.

This is entirely sane and not sketchy at all. I admire the use of zip ties as connection reinforcement.

Slightly on-topic: I have found that black zip ties tend to shatter less frequently than white ones. Anyone else experience this, or am I just imagining things again?

That being said, I agree with Joe ^ in that the nylon is being used effectively.

I completely agree, but I think it might be as simple as the fact that the bad zip ties we get in the KOP are white, and other zip ties are other colors (like black). Unless you’re talking about a pack of black and white zip ties where the white ones are inferior…

Now THAT. Is innovation

I’d say that’s a good bet for things stored outdoors. Black zip-ties are often UV-resistant.

That’s right, for most zip ties, white ones are designed for indoor use only and black ones are UV resistant designed for indoor and outdoor use. Because of this, black zip ties usually stand the test of time much better.

I’ve found that this isn’t always true, we’ve used black zip ties that were so brittle that we didn’t have to cut them, they snapped when you bent them ~90 degrees. They weren’t used for any critical applications.

Did someone say drill surgery?


Just a guess: will Winnovation be mounting CIM motors by press-fit, into holes made by that drill? :eek:

Not being used on 1625’s robot, 3928’s on the other hand…

It helped that she was cute too.

This is my idea of drill surgery - circa 1990

Drill Surgery001 by neshera, on Flickr

0 volts, 0 amps, throw away the bit after each use.

@neshera, in context that is hilarious. thanks for the chuckle.