pic: Drive Team

Spam’s Drive team, at Palmetto. We have to much fun.

These guys cracked me up every time I saw them do it. It’s funny how everyones got a little thing they do when they get announced. All of a sudden Tytus and Amanda started waving their arms like the grass in my logo… Tribal stuff, but you guys are a trip.

Where are the capes?

We were de-caped at the end of the compitition. Can’t be losing those!

thanks to the guys and all of the other great spirited people…342 gave us their award for best team costume :slight_smile:
the team is sure gonna miss these guys…they work really well together…one final competition with this great drive team

i want a cape :frowning:

Has anybody ever seen The Incredibles? They have a logical reason not to wear capes (just in case there is a rogue jet 5 feet from the top of their heads inside of a stadium or a vortex of doom opens up in their alliance station, etc).