pic: "Driveable Base"

The drive motors have been removed for servicing, but other than that, this is our 2007 base. As pictured, it weighs 32 lbs, and with the motors should come in a ~40. We are using the DeWalts this year, with the bottom gear running at about 2.6 fps, and the top gear at 12.

dang, it looks nice! i’m gonna make an assumption: the flat space is for another robot to climb on top of you? or will the motors get in the way…
nice work on the electronics/chassis.

If you dont mind me asking why did you go witht the wide design (looks excllent by the way) wont it be harder for you to drive upon other robots?:confused:

Yes, it will be hard to drive onto other robots, that is exactly why we did it. In order for a wide configuration robot to get up on top of a ramp, the ramp bot (us) also needs to be wide. Hopefully we will be the ramp bot for everybody. In the end we should be able to score tubes as well. We plan on having a large lift mounted before too long, but right now, that is it :slight_smile:

wow cody you guys have really gotten the robot up and looking good! let me know if i can help in any way…oh and i see my feet!

Seems like a bold strategy. What if there’s a robot that isn’t wide config. How do they park on you? I’m assuming there are “base expansions”, “ramps”, “platforms”, or "lifts"that are not shown, but i still am curious. Also, does this design have the capability to climb a moderate ramp? (approx 20 degrees).

Looks like a good ramp bot. Thanks for showing people that ramp bots are a solid option.

There will be a unique ramp-device capable of lifting two robots of any configuration 12" and (hopefully) a scoring arm when we are finished. Yes, we will be able to climb moderate ramps, but 20 or so degrees will be the limit.

For the arm, though. we’ll have to wait a week or six before we know :smiley:

EDIT: Any, in this case, means MAYBE flop bots.