pic: Driver in Distress

This is what you look like when your drivetrain project is working like a dream and after what is nearing 12 hours of work on the practice day the following has happened: the robot’s arm still doesn’t work, you just had to sprint across the pit to fix a part of the robot so you could pass inspection, and people keep waking you up for pictures while you try to catch some shut-eye in the crate.


Well, Taylor… how about we post a picture of the robot instead of complaining about what could have or should have been. Just remember that this year we were able to reconnect with our good pals from 568. And buck up, there’s always CalGames.

Update: Well, i just submitted a few snaps of the robot. Pats Taylor on the shoulder
1351’s Robot
1351’s Robot

I hug and love everything below inch 6 from the ground on our bot … and love it more if we shrink it down to inch 3 … I give no further ground (or height, depends on how you look at it) >_> …

On the other hand I think it’s funny how mad/tired I look in that picture. Perhaps I should have put this under creative uses for the crate section. Who else uses their crate for a little cave to sleep in?