pic: Drivetrain vs. Drivetrain

Two drivetrain ideas I’m playing with for the 2012 game. Comments?

Live or dead axles?
What is your wheel bearing plan?
I think when you work this out the sheetmetal will look more attractive that the 1x1 box.

Also bridge the front of the robot together in either design to stiffen it up. Right now both will flex and rack way more than you want to deal with.

The top one looks cooler. If that counts for anything.

Thanks. We’re going with live axles driving 6" pneumatic wheels with customized hubs. The bearings will probably be the AM 1/2" hex bearings.

The “sheet metal” is actually 1/8" C channel, because we lack the capability to do any sheet metal machining at this scale.

Because we will be putting in an acquirer in front, that gap will have to be bridged higher up in the frame. This is just the base right now, after all, and we do have a lot more to add to the superstructure.

And we’re not really interested in cool if it takes too long to machine on a mill or it gets shred to pieces.

Why don’t you put the wheels inside the frame members? Thereby eliminationg cantilevered wheels and giving the possibility of removable “pods” in the case of a broken axle or such other catastrosphe.

How are you planning on attaching bumpers? And if you are using 8 wheels to get over the bumps more easily, the frame is much too low.

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Cantilevered wheels will, in our opinion, be as easy to change as any other system. They also give us a wider trackwidth for turning. It will also be easier to work with the AM shifter like this, because we won’t have to figure out a work-around for the wheel offset caused by the output sprockets. We are also considering belt over chain, so we are going with this design to avoid having to bolt pulleys to our wheels.

Bumpers will go on a lightweight frame above the wheels.

We are using another way to get the wheels over the bump, so we aren’t concerned about the frame lowness. We’ve already tested the idea out and are confident in the drivetrain’s ability to mount the bump.

I am curious… :slight_smile: care to elaborate on what this mechanism is? At least a friendly hint? :slight_smile:



Very interesting designs. Three things to help make your decision, look at weight, strength, and feasibility to build. The first may be harder to construct. It looks lighter, however. Both look strong “enough.”

Your hint is: cheesy.

Sorry Jake, I just couldn’t resist.

Stealing something from the Poofs now, eh? :wink: I think I know what’s going on now. Good luck 694!

What is being used to assemble the frame you choose?

Riveted gussets.