pic: Drum Roller End Cap (Competition Robot Parts)

Here is a picture of Competition Robot Parts’ Roller End Cap (CRP_R_001). This product can be found at: http://www.competitionrobotparts.com/shop/drum-rollers/1-25in-diameter-roller-end-cap/
Several people requested a picture of this product so I posted it here. I will also post a picture of a test roller end assembly I put together.

Is the hex bore made with a rotary broach? It looks much cleaner than anything we’ve broached with a press.

A rotary broach should have a large chamfer and it does not leave such a clean finish. This is an example of what a roto broached part should look like:


*We (FRC Team) roto broach a bunch of parts since its easy to do and yields good results

Based on some of the other products they are offering I bet it is a custom extrusion (that includes the hex) and is then machined to press fit.

To elaborate on RC’s point, the other key factor is the lack of a full form hex. You can rotary broach to a nearly full profile hex, but it’s dramatically better for tool life if you have an oversized initial bore. You can see this in the picture RC linked. The center of the flat is missing because the pilot bore is larger than nominal and you’re left with just the corners.