pic: DSK 2007

DSK in 2007 at the IRI.

Eddie Van Kamen, Eddie’s son our roadie, Demanda Kamen, Ozzy Kamen, Dean Simmons, B. Slash Kamen, and Lars Kamen.

A Girl???
Wasn’t that the downfall of the Beatles? :rolleyes:

What are they looking at up and to the right? They look both mesmerized and frightened. Maybe Karthik was still running around backstage with one of 494’s balloons stuck on his head? :slight_smile:

Lars Kamen’s hair?

Demanda rocks with Guitar Hero!

This picture made my day!

“Yoko Morris-ono”??!! :smiley:

now, now -
there was another girl rockin’ out that stage, let’s not forget.
A Baker girl with great hair and a mean guitar.

  • girls just wanna have fun -

I think they did.


The guitar hero controller makes the picture…

Guitars and Robotics, never a better combination. Especially the Guitar Hero controller. And the Ibanez from the looks of it

You have a keen eye :slight_smile:

Anyone in the band mind if I upload this image as the band’s profile picture on Last.fm?

anyone have the complete setlist from IRI?

As always, Lars dances to the beat of a different drummer. The band has always been great but with the addition of Demanda I think they are ready for the big time. Rocking sound and exceptional lyrics, Rock And Roll!!!

Set list:

2007 IRI DSK songs

  1. Pinned Me
  2. Dirty Deeds
  3. Feel Like Writin’ Code
  4. Build It Over
    (intro for Demanda Kamen)
  5. Girlfriend
  6. Beatty’s Bot
    (more cowbell)
  7. Pick 67 or 469
  8. Fight for your Right
    (Guitar Hero air guitar song)
  9. Bot Buildin’ Man
  10. Rack 'n Roll


Go right ahead …

So when is DSK gonna release an Album? :smiley: