pic: dual fischerprice car

This is an ofna pirate 10 small truck originally nitro the engine was wearing out and i had the fischer prices laying around and rigged the up when it gets a good grip on the ground it wheelies right over

That’s pretty cool… whats its top speed?

We need a video :slight_smile: Also, make sure you have a breaker or fuse between battery and victor. Those motors have quite the stall current and Victors have quite the price tag.

preferrably of the car jumping over a house!

i’m waiting on a new front steering knuckle because for the moment its rear wheel drive and the front left tire is at a crazy angle.
i was driving it inside “one of the advantages of electric” and ran into our piano and broke a shock absorber so i need to fix that this things crazy hyper. don’t know the top speed but i could still probably gear it higher because of the monster torque.

now imagine a cim on a monster truck hehe :cool:

Welcome to the world of on demand oversteer.

-Andy A.

Now buy a vex controller and sensors to make it autonomous :slight_smile: .

An electronic compass, ultrasonic sensor and a Garmin GPS (for the rs232 serial port) would work nicely.

we’ve just ordered 2 vex kits but i’m not a programming person i just enjoy flipping it over backwards by pulling the trigger. and that’d have to be a heck of a program to react with how fast this thing goes. :ahh:
plus the batteries die in ten minutes
thank goodness for twenty minute chargers :smiley:

and i just fixed the shock and the steering knuckle so now its 4wd oh yeah

First what batteries are you using. I recommend you use name brand cells such as GP or IB. And what turn motors are those that you are using?

No need for a breaker, RC packs only put out 30amps tops, victors are rated for 40amps continuous, you’d cook your packs long before the victor went. Even if the FPs somehow stalled, something in th tranny would break first most likely. Also, there is no good way for an RC transmission/tires to effectively use the power of the FP motor… it’s just too powerful.

I’ve made several FP cars, one with 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering, I think some pics are up on an old thread of mine. It had an attachable cart that could launch rockets and sported a wireless video camera with independent pitch and yaw.

I’ve been doing this sort of thing for 4 years now, and I’ve learned several things:

  1. Victors can easily take 17v without the stupid cooling fan
  2. FP Motors are sweet, but burn very easily when over-volted
  3. 14.4V drill motors are awesome in RC cars(more torque and better power band than the FP) and they can be picked up for cheap at Sears/Sears Parts and Service