pic: Dual FP motors through a Dewalt XRP

Final reduction is about 400 to 1. Application is controlling the shoulder joint on our arm.

When I first saw this, I was all “Holy cow!”

And then I was all “How’d they do that?”

Just curious–what vintage are those motors? 2004? 2005? 2005.5?


They are the 2005 kit motors.

It screams at 12 volts. It is acceptable at 6 volts, but may not have enough umph to do the job. Right now, we are planning on limiting it to ~9 volts in programming, with the option to bypass that if the need arises.

-Andy A.

Very Nicely Done

I helped on this project, and since this post I built a wicked nice guard for the motors out of sand-balsted 0.050" aluminum sheet, hopefully Andy will post an updated picture of it with everything mounted.