pic: Dual sprocket Dewalt drive

This is the updated dual sprocket adapter and new motor mount used with the dual motor set up from a couple of years ago.

Andy, are you hoping to use this on the 2007 robot? If so, how are you planning on accomplishing the shifting mechanism (this was sort of an unknown when we were playing around with this a few years ago)? I see that there is a little notch in the shifting mechanism… would you like to explain?

Anyways, looks nice, as always. I hope you don’t mind if I drop in on a meeting or two over my Christmas vacation. :slight_smile:

the dewalts generally are shifted with a servo.

How did you fit the second sprocket?

We are not planning on using the DeWalts next year for the drive. I was playing with the shifter using a servo but pulled it off before I took the robot out in the street.

The sprockets are attached like a sandwich. The outboard sprocket is type A, no hub. The inboard sprocket is type B, with hub. The hub is machined to reduce the distance between the sprockets. Both are piloted on the adapter. Clearance holes are in the first sprocket and tapped holes in the second. Simply run two bolts from the outside.

Jaine - stop by anytime, we are using the same general schedule.