pic: Duece Attempting to Remove A Spoiler

As you can see, this was really close. It was put on pretty much in the last 30 seconds. We heard from one of our opponents later that they were on the edge of their seats to see if it came off or not. We lost the match 20-16.

Come to think of it, not only do I not remember any spoilers being removed, but I can’t think of many spoilers being placed!

I guess that was this year’s game aspect that was not highly used. Oh well.


i was there that was a great match

Team 1626 in Boston removed TWO spoilers during the elimination rounds this year. I haven’t seen too many spoilers EFFICIENTLY used, but they do make elims quite a scary situation! I expect we’ll see a lot more in ATL!

Oh, man I remember that… not a fun time with that spoiler. I’ll tell you, those stingers on the top of the spider feet really do make a difference. I think we made 4 attempts at getting it off.

I think I have over 20 pictures of us trying to get the spoiler off. We’ve done it before on our own practice rack. I think I may have stopped taking pictures at some point just to see whether it came off or not.

It was an intense match though. It was a really good use of the spoiler. It literally boiled that match down to that one ring.

I was slightly disappointed in spoiler use throughout the season. In the matches I coached, spoilers were my best friend (when using them against the other alliance… no one ever placed one against us.) We were prepared to take them off, but never had to, since we seemed to be the only ones to use them. I’m also surprised that at both the UTC CT Regional, which I attended, and at the many regionals whose webcasts I watched, I never saw anyone removing a spoiler. I’m beginning to wonder if people forget about the fact that they can remove them, since none of the other tubes may be removed. Just like how people forget to play them since they don’t begin on the field.

L.A. and San Diego were not webcast, unfortunately–although teams there used the spoilers a bit, few spoilers even made it to the rack, let alone* onto* the rack. I can think of maybe two or three that made it on, and only one stayed on. (Trying to spoil one of 968’s tubes that they just placed resulted in a flying spoiler within 5 seconds, if that. The one that stayed on did not affect the outcome of the match.) San Diego finals: Blue plays a spoiler, or starts to. Before the robot is within it’s arm’s length from the rack, one of the Red hybrids was all over it. The spoiler left the blue robot rather than face the Red defense.

We found spoilers very useful at the ends of matches, i see you guys did too lol

we were afraid of playing you guys we thought we were going to lose that match, were looking foward to seeing you in atlanta

good luck!!

Great Match.
Like John said we knew that it was going to be very hard (unlikely) to win. I was fully expecting you to remove the spoiler. It was probably the best match i saw in philly, other than when we beat the #2 alliance to advance, its always fun to beat MOE.

Also there were surprisingly few spoilers, but as this match shows they can be extremely useful

We try to use the spoilers, but as soon as our opponents see us with one we get triple-teamed. Maybe that’s a strategy in itself?:wink:

Bring even a ringer to the other side and you will get double teamed. That frees up a partner to score 5 on his on