pic: Duel on the Delaware - Lean on Me

Team 303 (The Fridge) was driving past Team 1218 (Cha-BOTs) when they tipped and landed on them. Much of the remainder of the match was 1218 trying to lift 303 upright. They eventually did it, even though there were only a few seconds left in the match.

i want to thank 1218 for saving me for not adding another flip onto my belt for fliping the fridge. I just want to say who in there right mind would put all those balls on that field, someone could trip or flip there robot.

but thanks for 365 and 316 for a great comp can’t wait for next year.

I remember that match. I was walking along the opposite side of the field and I saw “the fridge” leaning, but not falling, and I didn’t think it had the capability to self-right. So I stopped and watched it till the end of the match and I just kept seeing 303 swaying up and down and it totally confused me, then someone said to me “I think there’s a robot under it” and I was like “oooooooo.” But what really suprised me was that they managed to hold on to the 2X ball during the ordeal.

Yeah i was co-piolting that one, first time ever, though i wasnt driving heh. Yeah since it was my first round ive ever been on one of the sticks. Duel on the Delware was my first actual event ive ever attended so yeah, this was pretty pretty cool. Great way for me to go head into the robotics world. Cant wait till the next time heh :smiley: