pic: Duel on the Delaware

The Red Bull Mobile Energy Team

When the Red Bull crew arrived at the Duel, I walked over to them to tell them they could park closer to the main doors of the venue. As I approached the car, two Red Bull reps were stuffing their backpacks with Red Bull to distribute inside.

I turned around and literally saw a hoard of roboteers descending upon the Red Bull folks. I turned back to them and said “I don’t think you will need to fill up your backpacks.” I then proceeded to get out of the way of the throng of people as they swarmed over them.

The reps said they had plenty of free Red Bull. I hope they were right. :smiley:

Oh my goodness!!! :ahh:
How did I miss this awesomness?!?!?!
Dang… I needed some redbull… I needed some wings :rolleyes: lol

Is that a heavily modified PT Cruiser?

I want a heavily modified PT cruiser like that…

I don’t even care if it has a Red Bull logo/can on it. lol

Wait!?!?!?! MINI COOPER??? Is that what it is?

Anyone have a pic of the front?

edit 2: Oh wait… Never mind… I’ll take this one instead. :wink:

Ooooh… or this one:

Doesn’t the Red Bull can look like a giant potato cannon? :cool: