pic: Duel08 - Whose backs are these?

The backs of two of our Duel “superheroes.”

Thanks you two for making our event special!

Aww, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone at Duel for putting up with me as I learned to MC from Wayne.

I hope I did a good job!
Duel was such a blast.


You did great! Thanks for taking the time to drop by! You are definitely learning from one of the best! :smiley:

and those green shaggy booties were quite awesome to behold.

I had a lot of fun doing a lot of the game announcing at duel.

Always a pleasure working with Wayne.

Spiderman and Wonder Woman? I always wondered how you find that invisible plane in a parking lot.

It’s pretty difficult. If you wait until someone’s driving through the lot and they stop quickly? Look there. They probably hit the plane.


The one in the cape is Wayne and the other is Libby… right?? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Either way, both did a great job :smiley:

Just know, Ashley, that this means you’ll have a similar pic taken at Pandamonium :ahh: … can you handle it? :smiley:

Can I?? bites finger nails I dunno… very nerve racking… I don’t think I have a cape :frowning:


But I can’t wait… even if pictures of my back come from Pandamonium :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Well, I’ve contained myself long enough, I fear.

Do I spy green sequins adorning the tops of the green booties that Wayne is wearing? What are those booties called?

The thing about Wayne is that he is such a good sport and will wear just about anything teams bring him but this is the first time he’s made me want to start talking like Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch. (I actually do a pretty good Grover imitation.)

Green sequins … sigh

Libby, congrats on your emcee debut - very cool. If wardrobe planning is part of the training - this could be pretty funny. Well, blinding actually.

I believe the fuzzy green things Wayne is wearing are called gaiters. What you see is all there is of them. The ones Wayne was sporting were borrowed from Bethany, our favorite Moe Fashionista! I actually don’t remember the sequins, but that was because it was hard to look at that vivid color long enough to actually figure out if they were glowing or sparkling! :smiley:

Wayne also had another helper that day, but she was very much the silent type (not like Libby :stuck_out_tongue: )! I hope there are photos of that as well somewhere!

I’m not sure what they’re called, but they looked a lot like leg warmers. They do indeed have sequins.