pic: Eagle Scout Letter from Dean

Our 2008 season drive team coach achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and received an unanticipated congratulatory letter from Dean Kamen.

That is one of the most personalized ones i have ever seen.

Awesome. Now I wish I hadnt gotten my Eagle before I joined FRC.


Congrats!! That is an amazing letter. Make sure you frame it. Hey Merybar I know for a fact you got your Eagle Badge after you joined FRC!! You have been in FIRST now for 6 yrs including when you where part of the Lego team. OOPS!! Now you know who I am!! HEHE:D

Congrats on such an achievement, and thats really cool to have a personalized, and signed letter from Mr. Kamen. Truthfully, I wish that I would have joined the scouts so that I could be an Eagle too. You’re among a great rank of people, we have (or had, I can’t remember) a few Eagle Scouts on our team. They’re always good to have around, and ours at least were amazing friends.

SO: long story short, CONGRATS!:smiley:

Congrats too. I too wish that I was in FIRST before I got Eagle.

couldnt be more right about that one kim! lol:] :] :]

nice! glad to know another eagle scout is involved in FIRST. i have my own, but i never got a letter that was so personalized! congrats dude