pic: Early Christmas!


It was early Christmas in 829 work shop today.

Already have a working robot! =)

sorry, wrong thread.

Any comments on how the setup went?

Very cool, how do the Jags work? Must be pretty simple to set up based on how quick this is up. Do all the connectors feel nice and secure?

Also I hate to criticize, really, but how do you debug electrical problems? Seems a little messy.

Originally Posted by Richard McClellan
According to the Getting Started guide, it is recommended to have 1/2" of empty space on the left and right side of each Jaguar speed controller. If you were to mount two Jaguars with their sides adjacent to each other, can this 1/2" space overlap, or would you need a total of 1" of space in between the two?

Yes, the 1/2" space can overlap.

-This is a post from another thread I thought you might want to consider this. Congrats on being ahead of the curve.

aww im so jealuoso, we havent gotten our system yet.:frowning:

good job goats but, clean it up.:smiley:

Very quick and easy. Big thanks goes to More Robotics team 1714 for their advice on how to follow the manuals. It was a big help.

Bench testing took about an 2.5 hours and we did this setup in about an hour. Jags seam sweet on the bench. We didn’t run it on carpet yet. That will be Saturday.

All the connectors worked fine. Wagos are easy to use.

No problem about the criticism This was quick and dirty just to see how it functioned. When we decide what operations to put on the robot for testing we will do a real installation.

Please do share their advice!

If they said it once they said it a thousand times…

The manuals do not flow in a linear pattern. You must be very careful how you follow them or you will be chasing your tail.

Chapter one will point you to a specific section in chapter 5 and only that section. Then that section may point you somewhere else. You have to be real careful to go where you are pointed and then back.

I would suggest that before you receive your control system that you download the manual and read if very carefully and familiarize yourself with it. It will make the whole process easier.

Does anyone have advice on how we should label the wires? Is there a caveat that makes it necessary to do more than, say, “SC1-P13” (sidecar 1, port 13)? I haven’t investigated the Labview code yet, so I don’t know what the port nomeclature looks like in the code.

Personally, I would do two labels, “sc1-13” and what it corresponds to. This year our wires were labeled “pwm01” and “Left Drive” so we knew where to put it and what it was. Saved having to look it up.


I agree that the 1714 presentation was EXCELLENT! It was very similar to their “webcast” which is archived here. In fact the NEOFRA site is a very good compilation of resources for the 2009 Control System.

I believe the webcast archive also has a link in the FIRST Beta Test forums.


Having seen the presentation, I also think it was excellent…do they have the PPP posted yet?

See you in Tel Aviv!

I have to say, not thrilled about the amount of size that these new electronics take up…

But hey, you take what you get, eh?

OK…I’ll bite. WHY do the manuals flow in this manner? Is it not possible to make them more “linear” for the betterment of all? If the info is complete but jumbled, can this not be corrected fairly easily?

There are two uses of the manual, one is to get people up as quickly as possible, the other is to provide the information in a logical manner for reference. Since teams will only get up and running once, but may need to use it for reference many times, Sections 2-5 of the manual were optimized for the latter use case. Section 1 provides the pointers to the needed parts in sections 2-5, in order for everyone to get up and running.

How do you get power to the router? When i looked at the istructions, it showed that it has to get connected to the power distribution board and the cRio. The only problem is that there is only one ethernet cable that came with the router and a power supply that has no use on a robot.
P.S. It would be nice for a picture of it.:confused:

You need to make the power cable for it. Cut off the transformer part of the cable that comes with it and put a wago connector on it. Pay attention to polarity. If I remember correctly, the wire with the stripe is positive.

Thanks, that was one of the last things i have left to do on the controls to make it functional.:smiley:

“Holy S**t it’s Christmas” was my reaction when we got the new electronics too, we got it running on a working bot ASAP… it was beautiful.