pic: Early X-Mas Presents for 701


Our X-Mas presents have arrived in time for KickOff!! To the left is a new Miller Dynasty 350 and on the right is a new Supra CNC, 10" x 54" from CNC Masters.The Dynasty 350 by Miller is on loan to us by the Miller sales rep, wireless pedal, liquid cooled torch… Very nice machine. The CNC was a bear to move in, but I’m sure it will cut some nice parts for us this year!

I’m curious what software you plan to use for CAM for the CNC.

Hey Doug, congratulations, she looks beautiful.
We may just have some parts you can work up for us :yikes:

It comes with a simple CAM software package… but we have the postprocessor for MasterCAM, so we typically design in Inventor or MasterCAM and generate the g-code that goes into the CNC control software, zero it out and off we go. It is the second CNC from CNC masters for us, so we are very used to the control system and software. CNC Masters have been really good when it comes to support, if you need to talk to them, they answer right away. If you need a part they are in SoCal so it just take a day or two to get it.

Here’s a link to some more pics from the load in and our two CNC’s setup next to each other… https://picasaweb.google.com/106168668376037408944/NewCNC2012

Just give us some good lead time on it and we can probably make it happen. Both our machines were purchases made from grant money that came through the county CTE program. I can’t say enough about the great support we get from our county office of ed.