pic: easyC PRO at work!


Fun with one of our Vex creations.

omg this is the second of both of our robots modeled in vex. it looks exactly like our 06 bot. ours had a vertical conveyor and a turret shooter with a hopper above it. it looks so similar :ahh: :slight_smile:

what kind of motor is that on the shooter?

looks good so is it going to be and upgrade to people who own easy c or you will have to buy it

I believe that’s a fisher price motor, probably from a previous years KOP.


Ah, darn it! If it is (and it sure doesn’t look like a regular VEX motor), that means I won’t be able to use it easily. I’m trying to figure out how I make a ping-pong ball shooter, but I don’t really want to do a spring-firing one that I have to tip up and down to load like the one on vexlabs.com. I’d love to be able to do one like this- it should work well.

Nice job Jessica! (and what is it firing? Golf balls? Tennis balls maybe?)

Those are stress balls. They are 1/3rd scale of the poof balls we used for MiniFRC.

Also, that is a fisher price motor and tracking with the CMU cam.

That’s a little version of our 2006 FRC robot!!! :yikes:
But we had dual shooters, not just the one, and holonomic drive.

I guess someone else had the same idea; at our regional we were unique. :slight_smile:

I recently saw this bad boy in action, and let me tell you it is wicked cool to see the turret tracking the light and the robot following. In my sig is a link to a video with a bunch of other robots we built just like it (the MiniFRC for those of you who might have seen it before). Great job once again guys!

I can’t take credit for building Terminator - that was the work of team 40’s students. It’s a great demo-bot because it fires very quickly and wows the crowd.

But easyC PRO makes it even better!

Oh my gosh. That looks nearly identical in concept to our 2006 robot’s original design. We had to scrap the conveyor for weight though.

Does this mean that we are about to get an updated version of EasyC for VEX that supports the CMUCam?

Thats pretty much what its saying. :eek: