pic: Eat. Sleep. FRC. shirt!

The full Eat. Sleep. FRC. shirt!

Awesome! ^^
Any plans on selling these?

Yes! They’ll hopefully be up for sale around the start of November!

-Dave Powers

Must…have. Any plans for different colors?

  • Sunny G.

Be careful. Because you have “FRC” on there, FIRST has several rules, found here, that apply. Read carefully and be sure to stay in-bounds.

The important and most applicable part is quoted below for your convenience.

Yup! Any suggestions?

Thank you for posting this! I did forget to mention that we changed the shirt up a little to coincide with any trademark issues we would have run into. The shirts for sale will read, “Eat. Sleep. Robotics.” Which we didn’t see to big that big of a change. Pictures of the design are below.

-Dave Powers

Put a big X through sleep, and you might just have something…

Maybe you could have custom orders where teams can have their team number on the robot!

Will there be information on where to go and buy these t-shirts.

That might get expensive buy I’d recommend not having any team numbers on the shirts.

And for colors, the basic primary colors, including black, should sit nicely.

  • Sunny G.

That would be an awesome idea! But unfortunately get fairly expensive for everyone.

I will be sure everyone knows when this will be available! If demand is high enough we will push to get this available sooner!

Thanks for the input, I’ll try a bunch of different combos and post pictures and let you guys decide the final three colors!

-Dave Powers