pic: Eddie with his girlfriend Carmen

Eddie did the cheesing of Carmen and he wants to stay with 24 - 7. He would sleep in the robot lab if we would let him.

Your robot looks great. I don’t blame you for wanting to spent time with it at the shop. I just have one question. Are you running your wheels directly from the toughbox gearbox? Is so how well do they work? Is not, what are your modifications to the box?

I spy some neat looking fiber glass, round belt lift system in the background there.

Nice frame, I see you guys like your green cheese! :smiley:

Is it just me or are you guys going with a ackerman/crab steering system.
it looks like the angle of the gearbox to the frame can be changed.

very nice looking frame

Yes we are planning on a belt system to get the balls
the frame weighs 45 lbs with drive system

Awesome frame.

So is Eddie taking Carmen to prom? And more importantly, what is she going to wear? :smiley:

SAFETY GLASSES!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: