pic: Edu-HoverBot


Who said I couldn’t? HUH!

applaud It’s looking good.

BRAVO! BRAVO! I’m just curious, how is it wired? Also, what motor is that driving the propulion fan and how is the propellor attatched? Last, are there any problems not having a lift fan in the back? Thanks, and nice job!

PS, I once tried to make a flying saucer and it had enough lift to fly but it was very very unstable so it would not stay up.

Oh yea, and how are you getting that much juice out of those batteries from the Edubot to run the fans? Are you using a speed controller or something and another power supply?

There are two cordless drill batteries as well. But I don’t know how it is all wired.

Is that a globe motor being used for propulsion? I can’t tell from the pic…

Ok, Since your intrested…

A FP motor attached to a plastic Rotor-blade from a toy helicopter W_ zip-ties

  1. 14.4 drill batery pack running 3 big cooling fans
  2. 14.4 Drill batery pack running A Victor, controling the fp
    the stock batery for the edu robot
    And a servo motor controling the rudders


Do you have the contorller connected to anything? Like a speed controller or something? How is it controlling speed? Joysticks? Because I can’t really tell, but I can help code it if you want :slight_smile:

I’m totally feelin hovercraft races at UCF next year!! omg… :: Dreams ::

Need some programming help… ok i can help… Do you need help w/a specific issue or you just totally clueless and need a place to start?

I am definately making one of those! Nice work. (goes and orders fans)

Mike set me straightr with the programong

And Dan! for real, Build one Their wikid fast! and why did you block me from aim?

Does anying have a 2-stroke gasoline leaf blower i can have?

*Originally posted by Tytus Gerrish *
**Does anying have a 2-stroke gasoline leaf blower i can have? **
I have a gas weedeater but I’m using it for my own project of some sort. Check your local home center and see if they have any used or reconditioned ones for sale. I picked mine up for $40.

Also, this website may be of some interest to everyone:
www.weedplane.com (and no it’s not about agriculture ;))

*Originally posted by Tytus Gerrish *
**Mike set me straightr with the programong

What’s your problem with the code? Also, what’re you using as a propellor… I think I might just go ahead and try to build one with some of our old parts (if the mentors will let me lol)

I didn’t block you?

I’m positive I didn’t I only block those porn ims and ex-g/fs hehe


I just got my motor for mine today… I don’t know if its cheating or not hehe … Its actually from a remotecontrolled airplane my friend was about to throw away I was like… dude!! … its gas powered so I don’t know hehe but it sure will go fast and I’ll be able to put a lot of weight on it

Well we’ll see how it turns out lol


Now you need to find a turbine like out of a vacuum or an air condishoner their vastly supiroior to propleors when it comes to compreeing air. but you do want to use a propler to Propell it