pic: Electrical hasn't gotten to the bridge yet so...

The programming team wanted to setup and test the wireless, but the electrical team has not yet setup the 12Vdc/5Vdc adapter. So extra battery + DC/AC adapter + velcro = success!

Wow, the chassis guy who built that robot must have really put in a lot of time and effort to build that robot for his programming team…

Well done unknown chassis captain…

nice :confused:
it worked well…
but it had too much weight… 2 batteries is heavy!

Wait? Electrical isn’t your programming team? Programming team spent all of today setting up the electrical for the 2011 bot instead of testing or doing programming. We still need to attach more wires for additional motors and other misc. stuff before plugging in camera, accelerometer, gyro, encoders etc.

It is… there are 2 people (including me) who are actually working on programming and there is 1 mentor for programming and the 2 people is in electrical too

Before you take another picture, can you please insulate all the battery wiring terminals? The battery is capable of welding if a dropped tool falls across the bare metal. That dead short will get extremely hot, extremely fast and will damage the battery, possibly to the point of injuring someone. Inspectors are asked to stop any inspection until all terminals are insulated.

Good. You wouldn’t believe how many times in the past I’d find teams without insulated terminals. And at times, I thought I was the only inspector checking. I made teams show me all their batteries.

Please add “show me all your chargers” as well.

We use transparent shrink rap on the terminals so that we could easily inspect the connections. It’s hard to see in the photo.


Nice! I thought we were the only team to use transparent heat shrink for the same reason! ( P.S. It also gives the inspectors something to catch until they see that it IS insulated.):stuck_out_tongue: