pic: electrical panel- team 1942 Cinderella

frc #1942 Cinderella-2008 animation :

Is this your competition board?

While it looks gorgeous, I’d hate to be the inspector who has to make sure the wiring is correct.

I’m no electrical expert but I believe the main breaker has to be connected to the distribution block and then the maxi block and breaker panels.

Thats why I asked if it was his competition panel. You are correct. THe main breaker must be connected the distribution block, and then all breaker panel feeds originate from the distribution block.

I agree, the Robot Electrical Distribution Diagram is the definitive picture that follows the electrical rules. Please see R50 first sentence…

“The 12V battery, the main 120-amp circuit breaker, the power distribution block, and circuit
breaker distribution panels shall be connected as shown in the 2008 Power Distribution Diagram.”

The Main Breaker must feed the Rockwell block which in turn will feed any breaker panels you decide to use. The GDC has also rules that you may remove unused sections of the Rockwell block and cut the yellow jumpers to size as needed for your design. Actually, I like this layout. It might make it a little harder to replace a component but you have to admit it looks pretty.

Yes, it is a great design. No wire clutter to deal with. I was thinking the same thing, would be hard to replace a wire if you needed to.

On a side note, Al, could you PM the part numbers of the pins, conncetor, and cable spool you use for making your PWM cables.


It looks awesome guys great job. It might bring up questions during the competition due to the fact that some of your wiring might be wired wrong. I would check up on it. :smiley:

yall shoulda used a different color. White’s pretty plain.
Anyways, is the other side of the board covered? cuse if its not, then the wiring would be pretty easy to check. And if it is, i would most definitely suggest taking off the cover. It will be almost impossible to replace a part if something goes wrong. Which, since it is Virtually impossible to replace, It is Impossibly probable that something will break.

very very very very nice

we closed the back side of the board- for safety ! but all the board can be removed easily, when something goes wrong!
then is not a problem to check or replace something !