pic: Electrical practice on Inventor

My First time with CAD.

Any constructive criticism from you guys will be greatly appreciated since this is my first time doing Electronics on CAD.

Very nice job!! From someone who got stuck wiring in inventor last year…i feel your pain…but it really pays off! I’ve been doing CAD for quite some time and I think yours beat mine! lol.

what program do you use?

I believe it’s Autodesk Inventor Professional 2009 (I am not sure)…

is it any thing like maya?

It was done in Autodesk Inventor Pro 2009.

Maya is more of an animation program. Inventor is for designing the robot in a digital environment

Where did you find models of the control system? or did you model them yourself?

looks very good!

& Devo, you can get the files from firstbase.autodesk.com

I think that looks great. Especially for a first-timer (pardon the pun).

My only critique whatsoever is to eventually get rid of the reflections. That is, unless the walls and floor of your electrical box are going to be made of glass and/or chrome!

Very nice indeed. Now I’m looking forward to wiring up OUR 'bot within Inventor.

Very good work, Kudos to you good sir. Looks like we’re gonna have some interesting submissions this year.