pic: Electrical team is so messy

See kids, this is why you choose the mechanical team

Amen to that:D Long live the engineers/mechcanics:P

You don’t even want to START this war :stuck_out_tongue:
I could show you FAR worse pictures of our mechanical teams…

BTW the board looks nice. Nice raised RC.


We make our electrical team clean up after themselves every evening. (And yes, we have a *team *this year, not just a person.)

But even so, those little bits of wire and stripped insulation and rejected connectors that wouldn’t crimp right are nothing compared to the aluminum curly-cue shavings the mechs put out with the drill press!

Our mess takes up 1/6th of the shop. Fabrication takes up the rest. I think we have a winner here.

You’re just jealous because you can’t plumb electrons. =P

Are you cutting parts from large pieces of stock? I didn’t think so. :wink:

We made our electrical team be neat this year.
And it helped, its the neatest, smallest board ever!

Programming team is the cleanest team by far: just the occasional empty soda can!

I remember last year our captain of electronics went zip-tie happy and tied down every single wire on our board 4 weeks in. In the next two weeks we had to cut every single friggin tie to find out which wires were what.

Now electronics team is organized, but they keep trying to steal lab tables from mechanics. My team’s captain caught me threatening one of them with a piece of 80/20. On camera. Darn electronics…

If all you Metal Benders don’t respect us Spark Chasers and give us equal room to work, all your robot will amount to is a $3500 motionless statue!!! :slight_smile:

Remember, we bring good things to life.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s Alive! It’s Aliiiiveee!

Besides, we have the Programmers on our side (some serving in a dual role as Spark Chasers). They’re like the Irish in “Braveheart” - crazy. :slight_smile:

And it’s not so much how messy your work area gets WHILE you are working; it’s how well you clean up afterwards that counts.

lol you think that’s messy!?!? take a loook at this http://andrewshomepage.50webs.com/everything.html

the photos there…thats clean for me :smiley:

like said above, you really don’t want to start a war with this :smiley:

Wow… that looks so similar to our electrical board, except instead of a mess there’s some kind of forest of zipties around it.

Last year we had a really neat board, with everything all nicely put, etc.

Then 2 days before ship the mechanical team told us that they needed 2" of our space, and that everything had to be pushed back and smudged together. Then they kept ragging on us the rest of the season on how messy we were…

Not fair.

General notice to everyone:
Mechanical > Programming > Dirt > Human Players > Electrical

(Mechanical rocks, programmers don’t take up space/weight, dirt makes plants grow, human players are at least athletic, and electrical… well umm no comment)

Shutup Kevin, you’re just jealous because you can’t make an Ackermann steering unit.

heh, you should see our room. Mechanical and electrical both share the same space… It is true that we (mechanical team) are on the floor fabricating more and electrical barely does anything (bunch of slacker (yes, singular)) :wink: but still. Yeah, I wouldnt go there guys :yikes: .


p.s. is that lexan or plexiglass?

Ahhh, that looks a lot like our board. Including the standoffs under the RC. Why are yours so high?

That’s nothin, my electrical minions and I leave much worse messes.

We put the gold breaker fuse box thingy (sorry for lack of correct term, they’re all Lego’s to me :P) underneath the RC

Vivek: It’s 1/4 inch Lexan. Our 1/8 inch polycarb was too thin

I do both mechanical AND electrical! Ohhh! Guess that makes me about as average as dirt…

We’re doing a vertical board this year. The pneumatics will be on the lower level, next to motors, gear boxes, chain, etc. It’ll be neater than last year’s, where everything was crammed into a small, compact space less than 12" tall, sharing space with pneumatics and drive train.

And to Jaybee1405, it’s a 40-Amp Fuse Panel.