pic: Electrical team is so messy

Thanks for that, 40-Amp Fuse Panel. Ok so now my electrical vocab includes:
40 amp fuse panel
RC (thing with blinky lights!)
switch (which I won’t forget to push this year and rob won’t have to yell at me again at the ruckus)
fans! (ok fine I know they’re victors)
spike lee’s
big lego block

How am I doing?

Is that your ratio to how dirty things are???

then it would be
mechanical > dirt > human player > programming > electrical.

after gojo, everything (except for dirt) would be about equal :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming from a mechanical guy who probably tried to press in a shaft collar instead of using a bearing. =P

For all you mechanical teams out there, you wouldnt be around if there wasnt an dynamic electrical team!!! LOL

So I guess I would be between mechanical and programming, more on the programming side, because I am the electrical team, or about 15/16th of it, and the programming team, and do mechanical jobs to. So I guess I’m just heinz 57.

But electrical still is the best of all teams

You hid the bearings on me!!

We’ll need to make sure that vertical board is securely mounted to the tower. This may be more difficult than you anticipate, given that it’ll need to stand off by at least 2 inches and only attach on the sides (the backs of the tower box tubing are where the rollers ride). I guess we can work it out somehow.

What, you mean you didn’t like having to stick your hand down into the guts of the robot and fish around to find anything in the electronics?

On a side note, I read this thread last night and remember seeing your post, but I was so out of it at the time that I didn’t even realize that it was you, or that it was our robot being discussed… :-/

Our mess takes up 1/6th of the shop. Fabrication takes up the rest. I think we have a winner here.

You think thats good? We have a whole corner devoted to electronics! Almost 1/4 of the room. :smiley:

you think THAT is messy? you obviously havent seen our proto-bot…

that mini motor picture is from a cd drive ain’t it

Without your pumps being wired into something… who needs plumbing? :wink:

And if you think of it… wires are plumbing for electrons :ahh:

As programming and Electrical mentor for 1523, I must come to the defense of the electronic students. Here is our finished??? board. Yes, wires fly and connectors are trashed. but they are the most important link to the design. Electrons RULE!


I normally work with mechanical but worked with electrical yesterday. They were actually a lot neater than mechanical. It just depends on if the person in charge makes sure everyone cleans up after themselves. and that pic did not look very messy at all. it would take like 30 secs to clean up :stuck_out_tongue: