pic: Electrical


For those of you wondering… that is a picture of a quick test board the electrical team set up so the programmers could play with the camera. As of yet, we’re still waiting on mechanical to tell us what size shoebox to fix the electrical board in :stuck_out_tongue:

We too are waiting for our mechanical team to give us the footprint allowed for our electronics this year. Our team has fabricated a removeable electronic and pneumatic control box ( the “ElectroPneumaQuarium”) for the past two years and would like to do so again, but may not be able to this year due to chassis constraints.

From your picture I noticed a slight problem in your wiring. The +12volt port to the left of the +24v connection on the PDB is meant for the wireless bridge, not digital sidecar power. This will work, but it is not per the power distribution diagram in the manual. You should power the digital sidecar with +12volts from one of the lower current WAGO outputs (30A-20A) as you did for the solenoid and analog modules.

Good Luck!
Dana Susca
FRC Team #571 Electrical Mentor

To echo Dana:

Using the regulated 12V supply for the Digital Sidecar instead of the bridge will greatly increase the likelihood of your robot dropping out during competition.

The power scheme was designed to disable actuators before logic.

thanks for the help…this was just a quick prototype to give something to programming to play around with!
Alicia Albrecht
Electrical subteam 2177