pic: Elgin and Big Mike

Elgin Gets the Mighty Bear Hug from Big Mike when his back is turned. Good times at Ramp Riot.

Big mike, you should list the name of FIRSTers who you have bearhugged. Who’s NEXT?

Elgin, are you okay?

you could always check my signature if you wanted a list

Hey Mike, that was the second time you bearhugged me and I’m still not on your list in your sig??
(technically the 3rd time)

What the heck mate? :rolleyes:

it was nice to see Elgin and Scott there and Elgin had some nice hair going at ramp riot. surfs up. good job to big mike for hitting Elgin in the head with a 10 point ball, nice shot.

He got me at BE… I think he mighta cracked my ribs :wink:

I want a hug! lol.
Hahaha I was there when he took that pic, it was great.
YAY Ramp Riot! :smiley:

OUCH! :ahh:

Hey, where do you get the cool “AndyB” Hat?

Elgin…I think its time for revenge…you need to do it to big mike someday. HAHA


I gave him mine, since he was reffing and all. Maybe i should start mass producing them and selling them…

Paul Copioli got Mike at IRI

and notice we havent heard from that guy since then… i think he is still in the hospitol recovering :wink:

Cory, Cory, Cory - give credit where credit is due! Paul got Mike not once, but TWICE at IRI!!