pic: Elgin and Corey, part 2


The last picture of Elgin Clock and Corey Balint on CD was both of them with blue hair from nationals. As i walked into the gym for PARC yesterday, I noticed a strange coincidence. Both of them had bleached hair this time, and it wasn’t planned. I wonder if they really are planning these events or not? :wink:

Who votes corey shaves?

hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Corey needs to shave and Elgin needs to go bald to enter the contest for “who has less hair.” =)

Been there done that…



It was the other side of the coin of:


I wanna see Corey lookin’ like that ^. LOL Sorry Kim.
I vote “no” on the shaving motion.
At least for one time he should grow it out.
It gets wild, but it would be a sight to see.

haha I would have to agree with Elgin on this issue. I think corey shouldn’t shave and just see what it looks like? haha. kim is going to kill me for saying that, isn’t she?

muhahahahha. you guys amuse me. Maybe we can sharpie corey’s hair…and then it’ll be like 12 different colors. Give new meaning to the term ‘hair dying’ :stuck_out_tongue:

why does everyone think im so violent? First Harry, now you, Scott?

sheesh. I’m a cheerful old bloke

Don’t let her make you believe that. she packs a good punch there. watch out for the left hook especially.