pic: Elgin Clock Getting Bear Hugged


look i am in the back ground the one holding his neck with the hat on and the safety glasses on my head me and dan were talkign to mike martus

are you ok? it looks like you are checking your pulse… :ahh:

i think i was scratching my neck

You know what was the most annoying thing about getting bear hugged by Mike??
His camera crew!!!
Mike was “hugging” me for like 2 minutes while his camera crew finally took the picture…
I think they were trying to figure out how to use the camera…
C’mon Mike, isn’t this something you think you could have planned out ahead of time? :smiley:

Same thing happened here, Mike and Dave came, and lo and behold, so does DJ to get the picture. You know, you guys should go into organized crime, you have percision to do bank hiests. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry 'bout that… I was the “camera crew”… oops. The camera was being weird and wouldn’t take the picture. I did 4 or 5 other pics with no trouble, but yours didn’t go as quickly. Sorry for leaving you hanging like that :wink:

Nah, it’s ok… I liked the view from up there… I was actually at eye level to Brandon for two minutes!!!

Elgin, you are post teen now… You cant run around making the comments of a typical 16 year old!

w00t is a historic word… It’s a classic… Classic’s are ok to go around saying!!


That was you!?! grar, and I wanted to meet you…


Elgin’s about a decade beyond post-teen…and yet he’s wearing Hot Wheels pants :wink:

hahahaha I remember all the bear hugs given out… phew thank god he didn’t give me one… I think I might have died…

And I wore my shirt with the big ol’ Hot Wheels logo on the back of it the next night when we went to Hooters for dinner.

:sigh: I want them as a sponsor, darn it!!!

That would be awsome to have Hooters for a sponsor :smiley:

Geez Elgin, you could have at least turned to face the camera. :rolleyes: