pic: Elgin Clocks Car at FIRST Party

While wanting pineapples for a few weeks, we decided to comply along with a little amount of industrial plastic wrap. Ta Daaa!

Lets start a “Buy Elgin rims fund” :rolleyes:

You could just spray paint them…


I’m a fan of the pineapple slice and can stuck on the window wipers myself. :cool:

The car still hasn’t been cleaned up. Hopefully pineapple juice doesn’t do anything bad.

Hopefully that Neon won’t go stale with all that Saran wrap! :smiley:

I’m also starting a “Buy Elgin a dashboard fund” :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we need someone to photoshop Amanda Morrison covered in bubblewrap into the drivers seat and we’ll have a picture perfect finish.

As we sit here reading this
Elgin- “I have a dashboard, it’s just in my garage”
We just cleaned his car off, no real damage, but then again it’s not dry yet…

That was fun:D

For those that do not know what elgins car normally used to look like back in the day… here is a picture of it.

Awww… <sheds a tear> That’s when my baby was all shiny and perdy. Now I fear it is all faded from the sun and winters, and looks dull now.

And yes, the dashboard is in my garage. I should really put it on one of these days. I took it off to resolder my gauges cause my gas and speedo gauges were not working.

They work now so, dashboard is going back on this week… Yeah… sure, why not?

So, it has been a few hours since I pulled of the cars rejuvinating wrap, and Purpleiscious thanks everyone who was part of the wrap treatment for their kindness. :stuck_out_tongue: I tell ya a pineapple rejuvinating wrap works wonders on the car. It’s all shiny now, and smells like citrus. :slight_smile:

I still didn’t get my pineapples… :frowning:
My car got pineapples, but did I?? No…
And my car got the good kind too… You gotta love Dole Pineapples. :slight_smile:

Elgin… I currently have extra cans of pineapple in my car so that if you are ever in need of some, I’ll have it. I must say that plastic wrapping your car was awesome… Jill watched us as Lisa, Dez and myself covered your car. I think we should be employeed by UPS now… that’s one mighty fine wrapping job.

does anyone think we could get elgin’s car on PIMP MY RIDE?

this gives me an idea for corey’s car.

elgin nice car

Yes PLease! :slight_smile:

Although, I would rather have my truck I never seem to have time and money at the same time to work on featured on Pimp My Ride, or Overhaulin.
I think both those shows are based on the West Coast though. There needs to be an East Coast version of a show like those.

Yeah, if anyone is lookin’ for a B-Day present or Holiday gift for The Clock, there is one suggestion… :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh crap. Hasnt my car gone through enough? I think the constant seran wrapping and taggings have done it over well.

And i like the wrapping technique. Although i wouldve liked to see more at the bottom of the car.

Awww, my poor elgin. Haha.

Sucks to be a boob, eh?

i still love how i got no credit for the original pinapple idea…

me + ash drove up and were like we should put the pinapples on his car… so we put some on the wippers + windows + hood then we left like 1/4 of the can for him to eat…

then ash + lisa + dez went to “talk” and they used the rest + had fun w/ syran wrap yay! ok im done… im still kinda mad i was left out on the 2nd part =/

Can was a bit empty by the time I got there. :frowning: And there was a bee in the can the next morning when I went to take it off my windshield wiper. Oops.

Still didn’t get my pineapples. At least you guys used the good kind.
Gotta love Dole. Just wish that I had been able to enjoy them, instead of my car. :ahh:

Don’t worry… Payback is even sweeter. Muwhahahahahahaha.
(maybe not as sweet as pineapples, but… meh.)