pic: Elgin, IL


This is the city of Elgin, IL. For months Elgin begged me to take a picture of what Elgin looked like…and heres an OK picture of the city haha. Happy Elgin? lol

w00t w00t… Thanks Courtney.
It looks strikingly similar to CT though…
Oh well, it’s still on my “places to see” list.

I mapped out all the Elgin towns in the US one very early morning when I was on vacation once and it would take me exactly one week to just drive to the towns, and visit them all for maybe an hour…

That may happen, but if I don’t visit any other Elgin towns, the one in Illinois is definitely number 1 to visit.

And, to not make this a totally 2-way conversation, does anyone else know of any towns that share their first or last names?

There is a Collinsville, IL. I like to think of it as my little city.

If you go to Elgin, IL, you’re going to the clock company there and begging for free clocks, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow, its like Elgin’s Sim City town come to life.

Elgin, you should really visit Elgin, IL its a pretty cool city. Theres really nothing to do in it. But i think its cool. And the next city over is Geneva, IL, which is an awsome city and has a bakery there that has Opera’s #1 brownies to taste.