pic: Elgin vs the Monorail

This was taken before they just decided to let Elgin sit there and hold the cover on all the way home.

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29527 to get the story :wink:

This year it was the DVD player in the limo to the airport for Nationals…

lol…for those who don’t know…you should be laughing too

Oh, I think not… I’m not taking blame for that one.

The drill motors last year - yes, the tranny on the robot in 2001 & 2002 - yes, the monorail in 2001 - yes, the screen on the airplane last year on the way back from texas - yes… I will take credit for all of those.

But I am not taking (credit?) for the dvd player in the limo!!
That was broke before I got there… Honest…

Sorry Elgin … I stand corrected. :o

Don’t forget about that giant Dew bottle in your “Who Am I” pic! :wink:

Yup. stepped on it, and it went crunch… :ahh:

Hey he can’t take full credit for that one. See picture here

Jon, since you posted that photo, I can almost guarantee you that Elgin will be running to the Toy’s-R-Us looking for one of those! :smiley:

I already tried that, I had to order mine online, and then I broke it… :eek:
I’ll have to get another one.
I do still have the giant Mt. Dew “can” though…

I’ll have to post a pic of that one of these days… It’s on my to-do list. :rolleyes:

I have to see this can. I might have to look into getting one of these. Oh and I think mine is the only one left in a FIRST Team. The other people on my team all graduated in 03’ and so I don’t know of its status. Maybe Keiko173, if she reads this can ask them cause she is still in contact with them.

I have to see this can as well. No Jon, i refuse to let you get one :-p. I can ask the '03 seniors what happened to it. How did we ever get it back through airport security? This object, as far as i know is easy to find. We got it at the Toys R Us, its a Dew Bank. Who doesn’t want a Dew Band? That holds 10.3 liters? (you have NO IDEA how much arguing and re calculating there was to have that figure).

I’ll be sure to get back to you on the status of the Dew Bank…btw they had pepsi banks too, but who would want those?:wink:

AHH Your no fun Lisa. And mine went through my checked bag, I believe with the bulldog, in its “body bag”.(no we did not kill a bulldog, it is our stuffed bulldog that travels with us, and we bought a duffel bag for it but the bag is long so when the bulldog is in it it looks like a body bag, well sorta.)

I WILL GET A GIANT DEW CAN AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME, well except my parents.

how soon you forget, your parents likes me:p

Hey Jon or Keiko (Lisa),

If either one of you are going to be at Bash @ the Beach bring the Giant Dew Bottle and I’ll bring the Giant Dew Can.

I want a picture of the two.

Let me know.

Yeah we are going, I will try to remember to bring the bottle. Also Elgin you pm inbox is full.

Cool… a definate photo-op is in the works.

Inbox… I know. Waiting for the Limit to be raised. :yikes:

How about the delete button?

Yeah I already have it in my mom’s car that we are taking Saturday. Definately a Photo-op. Now to just aviod having Lisa see this post, so she doesn’t try to make me keep it at the center.

  1. I’ve posted of this thread, so i’m subscibed to it, nice try
  2. why would i make you keep it at the facility? so more kids can get addicted to dew? no such luck, we will keep it at the school during build:D
  3. i shall bring my camera