pic: Ellen Degeneres and I!!!


This is me on Ellen’s show! The big green sheet of paper was so they could greenscreen the guests on the side of my hair when they introduced them.

That is totally awesome! Did this episode air yet?

too bad, it doesn’t look like they let you wear your team shirt. Im sure it was a lot of fun though!

It aired today, but it should be on the internet tomorrow.

I tried wearing my shirt, but the logo was just TOO big. :frowning: oh well

Was FIRST mention in the segment and also where will the link be?

Well now, that’s pretty darn cool! Both the world record thing and you being on the Ellen show. Did she ask you how much it costs you to maintain the upward mobility of your hair?


Wow! That is incredibly awesome! I’ll have to check the episode out.

I mentioned my team, but it was edited out…the interview got cut in half basically, but it was still awesome.


lets hope that works

To be honest I thought you were joking because the photo looked photoshoped. Then I saw the video and you were truly on, congratulations. Why is there a green aura around your hair?

Congratulations! Too bad about the FIRST thing thought…
And here’s the link that worked for me, so if you only get the promo commercial using Aaron’s link, try this one:


Really cool, shame they wouldn’t let you wear your team shirt or even mention them in the aired version. Yet, still ver cool.

Holy heck batman!

Congrats Aaron!

Just a question for you. Do you have an insurance policy on your hair? I hope this doesnt sound ridiculous, but some hand actors will insure their hands, incase the unfortunate case of injury. Just wonderd if you’d ever considered it for your hair.

Wow Aaron,
That is so cool!
I am so proud of you, and also glad that you didnt cut it yet!!

Seconded…how long do you plan to continue growing it out?
I can’t say I like the green paper… how exactly did they greenscreen it? Did they do it on the side with the hair or without? I can’t picture it, and I didn’t see it- darn doctor’s appointments.

Still so awesome…

I hope we’ll get to see the video sometime. I think I missed it by 5 minutes, because I saw the woman with the way too long fingernails and toenails. Yuck. :eek:

I love Ellen’s show - It must have been so fun! Congratulations! :smiley:

Dumbest Question I’ll Ask All Day:

How often do they measure your hair for the record or are you going to chop it off?

I didn’t like the green either. I did the run through, and told the producers i hated it. They said ok, and came back like 5 minutes later, They said if i wear the green (it actually did look good with the greenscreen), they would hook me up. For wearing it they gave me a Delphi Nav200, which was worth wearing it, a portable dvd player, and a bunch of dvds. Plus hairspray for life :slight_smile:

I get my hair measured whenever i want basically. I set the record on September 11, 2005. It was remeasured while i was in London. The new record says 24 inches, but i measured it again last week, and i say 26 inches.

Yes, i will cut my hair. When? I have no idea really. I planned on cutting it two years ago, before all this, so i’m not sure exactly when i will do it. When i do, i will donate my hair to locks of love, or something similar.

And yes, my hair is insured. I won’t reveal how much, but it is for A LOT of money.