pic: End of arm at GLR


A (bad cameraphone) picture of the end of 68’s claw at the Great Lakes Regional. We found that this style of claw was extremely clumsy to operate, even with automatic software control of the arm; we redesigned shortly after this regional. This claw was made of bent PVC and a screw rod in the middle.

I remember seeing you guys at GLR and thinking that that wasnt a good design. And then i heard that you guys were REALLY strong at your next regional and i thought to myself “They must have redesigned their arm”. Good job on fixing it, you guys are always strong competitors.

Strangely enough, I was opposed to change until I saw the new claw. Instead of manual control, we now have a limit switch to auto-close the claw; I scrapped the sensors I was having problems with, and our drivers got a heck of a lot better.

We definitely improved by Atlanta and I’m very happy with our performance this season.

I like the new one. It is pretty sweet… I like the new orange color.

I was impressed by what you guys did this year. You guys and 469 pulled off something I have never seen before, a complete change in robot design. YOu guys took an average robot to a great scorer and that was one of the true highlights of my season.