pic: End of the Final Match on Einstein

Here is a shot of how the final match on Einstein for the 2010 season ended.

Not shown Team 294.

67’s hanging mechanism was awesome. If I recall correctly, there was a match on Einstein where they latched on with about 1 second left and it raised after the buzzer. Do you know what caused it not to elevate in this match?

I think they might of contracted the corner of 177 on the way up. From the pic im not so sure of that now.

67 may have had some slack in the system causing them to not lift all the way before they ran out of travel on the gas shocks that lift them.

67 got caught under the corner of 177 on the way up (we could see it clearly from the stage).

Two of the best matches I have ever seen.

You can kind of see in this photo that 67’s bumper gets caught on one of 177’s wheels. I was waiting for someone to move one of the bots and 67 to shot up but we had to leave the stands before anyone moved either bot.

Those two matches were the best, most exciting matches I have ever seen. The hang after the buzzer for the win was even better than the pool tube on the ramp in 2007 on einstein.

It was fantastic when my coach turned to me at the buzzer and said “no good no good” and I said “they’re still pulling up hahaha”

Note to self In the next year with hanging, make sure robot can continue to elevate after the buzzer. /End Note to self

The way 67, 177, and 294 played on Einstein was inspiring. I was actually in shock after they’d won, not fully understanding how they had done it.

This alliance was incredible! Most of the people I was with were absolutely sure 469, 1114, and 2041 were going to win hands down. Looks like things were not as predictable as they thought they were going to be. :slight_smile:
The final matches on Einstein were intense! Its awesome to see everyone in the stands standing up to see the match. I don’t think this has happened before out of all of the times I watched the finals in Atlanta.

Congratulations to 67, 177, and 294 on your victory! Also congratulations to 469, 1114, and 2041 on being finalists. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Any video out yet? I missed the finals because i left for the social… =/

Do you know what caused it not to elevate in this match?

Maybe they failed to account for the weight of all that confetti. :wink:

The Blue Alliance is working on tracking down Championship video. We should have Einstein within a few days.

Pity, you missed an incredible pair of matches. I doubt the video can re-create the excitement that these teams generated in the Dome.

A few days??? This is completely unacceptable. You guys need to be younger again with fewer real world obligations. You had to grow-up and be all successful and have no time to provide us all with instantaneous video.


PS: Thanks for tracking down the videos, you are the man.

I can’t believe this happened. I can’t believe we won. We were one of three teams out of 1800… And there were so many good teams out there!

Going into the finals, I was sure they were going to be a repeat of 2008, where a lucky alliance thrown together from a non-stacked division just got pummeled by the true, deserving championship alliance. 1114 hadn’t a single (real) loss, and 469 had already proven they could beat us at MSC. DID YOU SEE how effectively 2041 shut down 254 in the semis? They were the perfect partner for this perfect alliance. There was just no way…

Then I saw what our alliance partners were capable of. 294 played amazing defense against all three opposing machines, and 177’s midfield game was as good as ours.

All that work, all that time, all that missed/rushed homework on the part of every member of our team, and this is the final result. I can’t believe it; I can’t think straight anymore.

It’s been a great four years on the HOT Team.

And I will watch each of those matches at least 20 times. Guaranteed.

HOT and Bobcats, you guys are fantastic. Thanks for being our partners. It’s an event BCR will remember for a long time to come.

LOL yea like 20-30 minutes after we were done taking pictures we had to get HOT Bot down… had to finish going up first XD we moved 177 and we hung. it was quite funny

Did anyone happen to get a video of 67 pulling up after the buzzer during the first finals match? thebluealliance video didn’t have it and I would very much like to see that again.

Yeah I just watched that match on TBA and was so bummed that they didn’t show our hang… although it was fun to see 1114 go up so fast. Jimmy from our team has videotaped all of our Atlanta matches, so the hang will definitely be in our highlight reel, but I’ll see if we can’t also upload that match to YouTube for all to see.

is there any way that you could get up the newton finals videos too? :smiley:

The matches on Einstein were CRAZY! Everyone on our alliance knew what they needed to do and executed. I was so excited when I looked up at the scoreboard at the end of the match to see a victory by the red alliance! It was only then that I realized there were thousands of people cheering from the rafters of the Georgia Dome! :]