pic: Engineering feat

who can make a Nerf gun fire an extra 50 feet?

is that a mummy near the hood of the car?

no that was a dessised coconut palm that my dad carved into a freaky looking bird with a chainsaw

So now we know where Tytus gets it from. :smiley:

But why would the bird have a chainsaw? To protect your house? :wink:

(Even if no one else laughs, at least I amused myself. Let’s face it, that’s really the important thing here.)

i laughed at your joke jvn…

He he . . .

Oops… didn’t realize it was even a joke…

soooo, anywho…

Did you guys mod the tank in any way? Or is it just some sort of compressor using the pre built nerf tank?

We are just using Peter’s compressor that he keeps in his car at all time. We were just sitting in Tytus’s room when his brother came in the room with the nerf gun. Right away the idea of hooking it up to a compressor came up. And here is the result.

i pluged the pressure overflow valve and put the brass fitting on so we could charge it with a compressor. way too lazy to pump it ourselves

What about mounting a small air tank or two to the gun? and making it so you only have to recharge ever few launches? Just a thought but it is awesome either way.

I personally think you two are spending way too much time together.

One of my professors told us once…“Learn to recognize people like this from afar. When they go they take other people with them.”