pic: Enigma Wheel 2.2

Still working on it. I am learning a lot. What do you think now? Anything else I should do?

How do you plan to make this wheel… Like a CNC mill, water jet, wire EDM?

I don’t really plan on making it. If you look through my progress it was just a learning exercise. I had never used CAD before so I wanted to play around in it a little bit.

Cool! The next learning exercise could be to learn about manufacturing, and design a wheel that is easy to manufacture. Pick a process and learn about it.

Lots of people never take their “playing with CAD” to this level – but this is the level where the magic is!

Great work so far, but don’t stop here. :slight_smile:

Good Luck,

Yeah, I was hoping to go that far but I am not sure what resources we have available right now. maybe once we start meeting again I can go to one the machine shops that have helped us in the past and see what they can help me with.

Just because the wheel may not actually be made, doesn’t mean you can’t design it like it will actually be made. Follow JVNs advice, he knows what he’s talking about.


Yeah, I know, but this was my first cad and I had no one showing me so I really don’t know how to make it as though it would be made. My next one I will. I was still taking his advice. How exactly do you go about making one to be made? I really have no experience in it.