pic: Epic Stack at Inland Empire 2015

I saw this awesome stack at Inland Empire this year, pretty sure it was made by 399.

Very cool that they were able to still make the stack, but I don’t think the top tote and container would count would they?

Answered by Q439.

Pretty sure it was our human player that put the noodle in the robot that ended up in the stack

Try this one on for size. This one counted. It was also noodled.


The noodle appears to be beside the rest of the stack, rather than supporting it, hence why it would count.

That would be my point. Placing a stack on top of the existing stack with noodle across it and making it count (especially without knocking the noodle off) required an excess of dexterity to pull off.

I thought it was quite “epic”, because the completion of this stack was a primary reason we advanced as far into the elims as we did.

Here’s our stack that 3250 helped us with.