pic: Eric, Bash at the Beach, 2000


Anyone have a magic marker?

I remember when that happened. That is one of our old team members Stacy. They needed another black ball but didn’t have any so they clored that one. Fun times!

We had one of those yellow balls from that year in our team closet a couple years ago when I cleaned it out.

I saw a LOLHS written on it. It made me laugh, cause I thought it meant Laugh Out Loud High School, and then I came to my senses sort of and said that couldn’t be it.

So, then the second LOL that popped into my head was Land O’ Lakes High School (like the butter).

I liked that guess better, so I stuck with it. It wasn’t till a few weeks later when I was in there again and someone else was in there too, and I said to them. “Look, LOLHS” and they said, "Oh, that was from Bash in 2000 at Lyme-Old Lyme HS.

Then, I realized I was a moron and could of figured that out from Day 1.

Oh wells, what was I to know. That was before I joined in 2001.