pic: Even the brightest minds go awry sometimes....

After tweaking one side of the drive train, our faithful assembly team reassembles our practice base…Any experts spot a problem?

That’s not a problem, it appears to be one of those trick drivetrains, like the tyco rc cars. It can flip over and still drive. Unless those wheels are to be used to hold the ball?

I hope they fixed it!

Either a problem, or you plan to balance your robot on your gearboxes :stuck_out_tongue:

transmissions are not usually below the wheel line, as far as I can tell that is; that might prove difficult in driving now wont it…

Looks like somebody put the entire far side assembly on backwards. You’d drive in a lovely little circle like that! Like a fish with 1 fin.

Well, it’ll corner better than other 'bots.

But that’s about it.

Hahaha nice.

How much does it weigh, out of idle curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, that made my day:p

I believe this practice base (summer project) came in at 70ish pounds. But we’re probably gonna trim a bit of that weight for our bot-in-progress.

The entire left side of your drive train is upside down

Itl work on some obscure hyperbolic playing field or something…

one side of the robot exists in an inverted universe.

No safety glasses?

Oh, and your drivetrain, of course. :slight_smile:

It’s times like these that make me consider removing all references to 294 in my profile/signature :wink: .

But, seriously… WHAT!!! How could you even do that to my baby

As for the weight; keep in mind that includes all electronics, parts that have yet to be lightened, heavier transmissions and heavier drive modules than what will be used.

EDIT: They are wearing safety glasses, you can see them just barely; awkward angle

that might work. on a very strange and gravitationally absurd planet.

And thus, 294 introduced the first General Lee inspired drive train…


Let me make this perfectly clear… that was NOT our faithful assembly team who did this to our summer protobot [put a sideplate and wheel assembly on upside down on a drivetrain module]

Our faithful assembly/fabrication subteam was OFFSITE faithfully fabricating parts for the 2008 bot. It was members of the NON-assembly/fabrication subteams that took it upon themselver to 'start fidlling with things" and were responsible for this GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF ASSEMBLY. They have been duely punished [10 minutes of time-out in the corner] and warned not to venture outside their field of expertese every again without proper supervision. We of the fabrication/assembly subteam will not mess with their wires and code, they will not mess with our nuts and bolts.

Sorry Adam… we leave the non-believers unsupervised and this is what happens…