pic: Everybots - Ryerson University 2018

Here we have all of the robots that have used the Everybot design:

746 - Gearheads
6977 - Cyber Squad
7136 - Thistletown Scot Bots
7200 - Banting Memorial high school

7200 became the 6th seed captain with 6544 and 6866 in their alliance
746 is the 3rd pick in the 5th seed alliance and reached semi-finals with 7013 (Captain) and 5596.
6977 is also 3rd pick for the 8th alliance.

Every Everybot in this competition did a wonderful job.

Thank you 118 for sharing the Everybot design with all of us.
It provided us teams, especially smaller ones or those who just joined FRC a simple, yet competitive robot up and running for competition.
For us, it provided a great learning experience in the build process showing new students how things work. It also allowed us to have more time to get into the programming and then jump right into the troubleshooting processes.
For us smaller teams, building this robot has given us a great opportunity to demonstrate how we work here.

Im curious to see the performance differences between these designs. They all seem to have followed the everybot design, but what makes an everybot stand out from every other everybot?

My guess would be reliability, driving, strategy, and autonomous. In that order

There were some huge performance differences between the bots. Looking at our scouting data 7200 was tied with first for cubes scored in the exchange at the event while the next best everybot was ranked 22nd in that metric. 7200 was also tied with the next best everybot in terms of cubes scored in the opponents switch.

Besides strategy and drive practice what really makes the difference is the intake. It’s hard to make the everybot intake design work well as it needs to start within the frame perimeter without actuation. I think we’ll see the most successful everybots have upgraded intakes by the end of the season.

Yeah, you’re definitely right about making the Everybot intake design to work well. For us, we had to keep adjusting the surgical tubing, even had to borrow better intake wheels from team 854. The main problems we always come across is picking up cubes from the corners. 7200’s intake works extremely well and suggested us to switch our wheels to the green ones(We’re using the blue ones). I say 7200’s intake is the best of all Everybots here.

From what I can see, 7200 doesnt have an upgraded intake. If it has a classic everybot intake, how is it as effective as say a robot with a pneumatically actuated claw? What claw optimizations could make an everybot dominate the pickup game?

I loved these four bots, and they all had a positive impact on the competition at Ryerson. I’ll add my congratulations to these teams for making shrewd decisions given their resources, and thanks to 118 for sharing a great design at just the right time.

7200 has some little optimizations that made it by far the best everybot intake at the event. I think it has room to get even better. A non wheeled intake is a bad idea IMHO. You need to be able to forcefully push the cubes into the exchange. Maybe it would work if you had a claw that could grab the cubes and the swing out of the way once you were lined up with the exchange so you could push it in with your drivetrain.

Personally I’d still go wheeled. My biggest recommendation is to keep your wheeled intake as loose and floppy as possible. An easy way to do this is use pneumatics to actuate the intakes in and out and turn the regulator pressure waaaay down to keep things nice and light. Just use enough pressure so the cube isn’t flying out in turns. You can spin the wheels at a low speed to keep the cube in most of the time.


Does anyone know if Ryerson matches will ever end up online anywhere, let along TBA? It’s currently still a black hole as far as video goes. There’s a few miscellaneous matches from teams who recorded just their matches but that is it.

No clue but I do have to say that I briefly stopped into this event as I was in Toronto for work and man, the number of everybots was amazing!!!

Also, it was great being able to introduce one of my co-workers to FRC with 1114’s first practice match. Thoroughly impressive.

Here is a playlist with all of the match video our team took from the stands. Some of the matches are missing, and sadly you can’t see the scoreboard, but there’s some good footage of robots at work that should tide you over until the official match video is released (should be up on WatchFirstNow.com eventually) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3gbjIEKV6E&list=PL7FixU40IQcZFUIAeQF3z-NKHXYvBBodc