pic: Everything in Tube Drivetrain (Sample Drive Rail)

I’m proud to present my latest cad project, an everything in tube drivetrain*! This drivetrain features the new 57 Sport gearboxes from Andymark, 8 775pros**, nearly impossible to access/replace gearboxes, McMaster Bevel Gears, and a lot of “Don’t try this at home” warnings!

Please see main thread for any questions, feedback, and complaints about 775pro Drivetrains!

*Obligatory shoutout to Bryce2471 on his feat of engineering far before mine:

**The Milkenknights or any other teams I am affiliated with have no plans to use this or any other 775pro (Or Redline, sigh) drivetrain in the 2018 season. This is nothing more than a CAD project I have worked on to test out MKCad (The Milkenknights’ up and coming Onshape parts library, more on that later) and continue to practice my design skills.