pic: Evil Sundaes...

Well, they’re evil. :slight_smile:

is that… BACON?!

There is no way I would ever try one of those… O.o

Some others on my team though…

Olives…?!..ba…baco…n!?..(sputter)…agahghgh!!! WHYARETHEESTHINGS???..:ahh: :yikes:


[Edit] ZOMG! I see the word “turkey” on the sides of the cups! (I’m gonna go puke now) [Edit]

So who wants to post the official ingrediants. Obviously there appears to be bacon, olives and either vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Whatelse is in there.


Thats not whipped cream, thats sour cream. All of this was over Mint Chocolate Chip Iced Cream.

that has got to be the most disgusting ingredients ever combined…

but think about it, usually gross stuff is delicious (cheese)

ive got to try one :stuck_out_tongue:

The official ingredients of** this year’s evil sundaes**

1 Pint of green Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
several Funyons
Caramel Syrup
real synthetic whipped cream
topped with Oscar Mayer cold precooked bacon
a large stuffed olive and a dusting of paprika

The winner of the contest was Esdras of 1089 who downed the whole thing in about 15 seconds. We still wonder how =…

We are already discussing a Medievil Sundae for next year. You can guess what the ingredients will be

WC :mad:

bringing joy to the FIRST community

I’m not sure if this video was posted yet, but here’s a vid of team 1089’s champion scarfing down the lovely concoction.

A garlic stuffed olive would have been awesome.
These look great! I don’t know about the mint ice cream though.

Oddly enough, I have a cousin who always wanted to make bacon flavored ice cream.

Darn. why did you post the ingredients? now i have to go make some and try one… sigh… atleast I will poison my brother with one…

disgusted but still going to eat one, vivek

That’s Turkey Hill. It’s a brand of Ice Cream.

Looks like I missed a fine meal at BE this year. :frowning:
I’ll have to attend next year just to be able to join the Ice Cream & whatever eating competition. :smiley:

Hmm…I won’t lie, looks pretty good. Then again, I would prefer it to have albacore and some tarter sauce on the side.:rolleyes:

The first girl to finish just picked up the Sunday, squeezed the cup and slammed the Sunday in her mouth. I looked at Wayne Penn and we both said the same thing which I won’t mention. Then there was one person that looked at the sunday and got up and left. Then when it was over one of the contestants that had finished his, looked at me and asked if he could eat a second one.

Billy: “May I have a Coke with bacon?”
Waitress: "Wait… you want a Coke with bacon in it?

Yes, that is bacon. You sound hungry.

i particularly enjoyed the expressions of those at the table who were expecting a run of the mill ice cream eating contest…

Looking at these pictures and imagining the resultant gastrointestinal distress of some of those involved, the expression “Brunswick Eruption” takes on a whole new meaning!

Did you have barfbags at the ready, just in case?

One of the kids on team 768 (Fred Needel’s team) didn’t look so good at the end of the event. I wonder how he handled eating at Harold’s afterwards?
maybe they should have an evil buffet contest and anyone who can eat the triple combo in 30 minutes gets regonal registration for a full season from FIRST. They must have brought out twenty pounds of meat!:eek:

Homer Simpson: ummmmmmmmm…bacon <homers drooling>