pic: Evolution of a gearbox rev 4

changed spacing, lightening holes (ala 233), and a few other revisions

This is where I am so far, I have to actually cad the gears, add bearings, and work on the rear plate to finalize this beast, but it’s coming along. Hopefully my team will let me build this…
All of these were rendered in SolidWorks. You would not believe how long it took me to find a decent cad of the DeWalt transmission.

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome!

These renders are BEAUTIFUL! I mean, seriously professional quality work there.

Nice gearbox! Do you really need to support the output shaft of the CIM? Most, if not all, of the gearboxes that I have seen don’t support it, which makes me wonder if it is necesary for you to support it in your gearbox.

Thank You! I think I spent more time watching the render progress bar than actually CADing… :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks AMAZING! Great work.

To finish the whole thing you should definitely throw in the CAD of the bearings and hardware.

Very nice rendering! And it’s even LASA purple!

Would I be correct in guessing that behind that center shaft you’ve got a fisher price motor through an AndyMark planetary? :yikes:

Looks like you guys could have a very nice setup next year.

Why is there a very small radius on the edges of the outer face of the outer plate?

That seems like it’d be a very time consuming process to cut.

It kind of looks like a chamfer to me. Could just be an aesthetic touch.

Just a bit of aesthetics. The render did not look nice without it! I’m working on getting the main plate done the same way too.